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Welcome to the RTV appointment desk.

You'll only need to provide minimal personal information here in order to schedule an appointment. Payment is expected when the booking is complete.

Free Consultations

If you don't know how you feel about paying just yet, you can request a free consultation. In fact, many of our practitioners will insist on a screening consultation first, to make sure you're compatible with each other. "Free consultation" does not mean "free reading."

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How It Works

Select your desired service below. You will be offered a choice of practitioner in a new box.

If you need to order a "Session on the Fly" or any other item that doesn't require an appointment, click here.

Email to make general inquiries, especially if you need advice on which practitioner to choose. Please do not waste a practitioner's time by making an appointment and then failing to appear.

Gift Certificates

Would you like to purchase a gift certificate for a friend? They're good for any of our services.

Did you come here via Sheta? Sheta is chief editor of Rending the Veil, and all monies paid to RTV go directly to her own account, and from there are dispensed accordingly. Use of any of the payment buttons here will put the money in the same place.

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